Atomic symbol: U
Atomic number: 92
Atomic mass: 238.03

Appearance: Silvery-white solid at 25°C

Group: N/a Period: 7
Series: Actinides
Block: f
Electron configuration: 1s² 2s² 2p⁶ 3s² 3p⁶ 3d¹⁰ 4s² 4p⁶ 4d¹⁰ 5s² 5p⁶ 4f¹⁴ 5d¹⁰ 6s² 6p⁶ 5f³ 6d¹ 7s²

Toxic, radioactive, and highly unstable.

Most commonly used in nuclear fuel rods.

Fun Fact! Discovered in 1789, not long after the discovery of the planet Uranus, it was named after it.